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Frequently asked questions

What else do I have to pay for once I'm a member?

Each plan has a monthly or annual reoccuring charge. This gives you unlimited access to our resource center and Powerful Job Portal. Your membership does not cover the cost of a government passport. Each member must pay all passport fees and the cost to expedite it if neccessary. You will also be expeceted to pay for your health and background screenings if you choose to purchase them. Not all members will need a health screening but if you do, you may utilize our service or your own healthcare provider through your own insurance company.

Will I get a job?

We do not work for the hiring companies or recruiters. They select the candidates they wish to hire through their own hiring methods. When a recruiter wishes to hire one of our members they will issue an offer for employment and conduct an interview. It is up to you to close the deal.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you may cancel at anytime.

How long will it take for me to be hired?

The process varies based on the needs of the hiring companies and how prepared you are for the opportunities. Based on past experiences with other members we've seen offers extended in 3 months to 5 months sometimes longer however, your experience can be different. As long as you're a member our career managers will submit you for job openings until you're hired.