Our History

Almost a Decade of Innovation

KDR’s history is built on the military veterans that set the standard of honor and integrity. Today, we maintain that legacy and also strive to remain innovative by engineering groundbreaking solutions for government and industry clients.

Our Present

KDR was created in 2012 when several military veterans were working in Afghanistan on a government contract. They decided to create a business that allowed military personnel to transition into civilian roles abroad and still work for the Department of Defense. This would allow them to continue working within their profession and ease them into the civilian world.

Today, KDR helps thousands of U.S. Citizens and Veterans locate opportunities abroad. Whether contracting with the Department of Defense or relocating overseas for standard employment, KDR has assisted countless Expats in growing their careers and fulfilling their dreams and ambitions of working overseas.

Our Future

KDR is always growing and evolving. As global demands change and markets transform, we'll be at the forefront, leading the way with innovative solutions and services that will solve tomorrow's challenges and define progress for years to come.