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Program Features & Pricing

Simple and transparent pricing

Your success is our success! We provide program options to suit your individual career goals and aspirations. Our prices are not to be confused with paying us for a job. We provide necessary solutions to locating and applying for opportunities overseas.

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Career Management

The Unlimited Program was designed to assist those looking to work abroad on annual contracts which are renewable based on your job performance.



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Career Management

Save time and money with Unlimited Plus. This program is beneficial for those looking to travel the world and work abroad for different companies around the globe.




Vector Career Management

Get Hired! Let us help your Overseas Career.

Our innovative Career Management Program allows us to assist you in locating companies and job opportunities. We've engineered a portal that consists of tools and resources that are necessary to educate those searching for overseas jobs.  Once you receive an offer you will be contacted by the hiring company to begin the pre-deployment process. 


Features & Benefits

  • Expat Global Reports

  • Access to Members Portal

  • Pre-Deployment Resources

  • Expert Resume Service

  • Recruiter Directory

  • Online Customer Support


  • The entire Unlimited Service

  • Lifetime Program Membership

  • Talent Listing Service

  • Accompanying Cover Letter


We are here to remove all the worry of searching for an overseas job. This service was designed to streamline the process while guiding you towards your goal. The benefits are tremendous and the outcome is just as rewarding. Your six figure salary could be just around the corner!!

Overseas Career Management

Enroll in our Career Management Program today and Get Hired!